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Dave Moss' Catalyst Reaction Suspension School


TAX INCLUDED ($250 + $22.50 sales tax)

Dave Moss Catalyst Reaction Suspension Course on Sunday, April 22. Hosted by TTRNO in conjunction with Sunday's Ride Smart track day. 

The course does not include Ride Smart registration, which is purchased separately HERE

Get 10% off the Ride Smart track day by participating in the Dave Moss course. You must purchase the suspension course FIRST and we will send you a coupon code for the track day.

Registration for RIDESMART here


Saturday, April 21

  • RideSmart Track Day 1
  • All day suspension tuning with Dave Moss for $40
  • FREE evening seminar with Dave Moss, 5:30pm at TTRNO Speedshop

Sunday, April 22

  • RideSmart Track Day 2
  • Dave Moss Catalyst Reaction Suspension School

About the School

Dave has pioneered this school in California for the last 2 years and is now taking the school out of the Golden State across the country to groups of riders that really want to understand more about their motorcycle and the handling assessment they can not only feel but translate in feed back.

This is a hands-on school where you will be required to work on your own motorcycle to gain a theoretical appreciation matched with on track real time experience for what settings manifest what net results in a systematic and logical way.

“Knowledge creates understanding, understanding creates relaxation, relaxation creates speed.”

Riders will be required to bring motorcycles that have preload, rebound and compression adjustments in the front forks and rear shock. They need to have all the appropriate tools required to make changes to those settings.

All current settings will be recorded by the rider from the forks and shock and entered into the work book provided. Riders will then write down the total range of adjustment for each adjuster:- fork preload, rebound and compression (low speed) and shock compression (low speed) and rebound so that at each hot pit stop they know exactly what to adjust the given adjuster to in 4 pit stops from zero to max. EG: 12 turns of preload is the full range therefore start with zero and stop every 2 laps for 3 turns of preload in.

On track sessions will be determined by the track day providers schedule by group durations.

As far as the timing sequence goes, IDEALLY, riders will have 5-10 minutes of theory in the classroom looking at each component and how it works mechanically, 30 minutes of on track riding stopping every 2 laps to make changes and 10-15 minutes of debriefing in the classroom about their experience after noting the best setting that suited them.

Riders will be expected to ride at between 75-80% of their potential at all times to ensure as much attention as possible can be focused on the task at hand.

At the end of the day riders will ride at 90% to see if the settings they have installed in the bike throughout the day work at an elevated pace around the entire lap. Following this “free ride” session, there’s a final debrief to close out the day.