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Featured Customer Bike : Lester Hart's Ducati 996

By Nick Napoda
on February 23, 2012

Lester brought his Ducati 996 in to us after it had been in storage for about ten years. TTRNO's Ducati Master Tech, Guy Hayes, brought this gem of Italian design back to life.

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Ethanol vs. Fuel Treatments (K100 Success Story)

By Maxwell Materne
on August 18, 2011

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What is ethanol? Ethanol, currently found in most fuel, is the same kind of alcohol in your pantry but distilled to the point where it is nearly pure. The United States ethanol industry is largely based on corn ground into “meal” and paired with enzymes to convert it’s starch to simple sugars. Yeast is added and the combination is distilled then dehydrated to produce a 200 proof alcohol (a small amount of gasoline is added to keep this undrinkable.) Ethanol is highly miscible meaning that it attracts water, and because of this is can not be transported in pipelines, rather it is added to gasoline filled tanker trucks before delivery to gas stations.

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Tech Talk: What's a Dyno?

By Nick Napoda
on May 26, 2011

What is a Dyno? Short for Dynamometer, a dyno is any device used for measuring force and power. Dynos can work in very different ways, but TTRNO’s Dynojet Dynamometer determines horsepower (HP) by calculating a motorcycle’s rate of acceleration as the motorcycle’s rear wheel spins a 500 lb roller. After the HP of the motorcycle has been determined, the dyno’s computer can measure the RPM of the engine and use the equation, HP = (torque x engine RPM)/5252, to determine the torque.

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Do You Have Your Gear Ready For Sunday's Track Day?

By Nick Napoda
on April 05, 2011

Sunday is the first spring track day of 2011 and TTRNO wants to make sure you have the correct gear. Here are Maria's picks to get you suited for the track.

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TTRNO Ranked #7 Powersports...

November 13, 2018

  Powersports Business Magazine named The Transportation Revolution New Orleans (TTRNO) the number seven dealership in the United States for 2018...

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2018 Distinguished Gentlema...

August 15, 2018

2018 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Sunday September 30th New Orleans is officially taking part in the world's largest charitable motorcycle event for owners,...

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