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Tech Talk: What's a Dyno?

By Nick Napoda
on May 26, 2011

What is a Dyno? Short for Dynamometer, a dyno is any device used for measuring force and power. Dynos can work in very different ways, but TTRNO’s Dynojet Dynamometer determines horsepower (HP) by calculating a motorcycle’s rate of acceleration as the motorcycle’s rear wheel spins a 500 lb roller. After the HP of the motorcycle has been determined, the dyno’s computer can measure the RPM of the engine and use the equation, HP = (torque x engine RPM)/5252, to determine the torque.

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Why Ohlins Suspenion is the Best

By Nick Napoda
on March 11, 2011

Our Master Tech Guy Hayes attended Ohlins suspenion training last month on his way to being Level 3 Ducati Certified. TTRNO now offers full Ohlins suspenion service. Here is some feed back from Guy on his training.... It is not increased HP, lightweight components or digital whiz-bang electronics that defies the motorcycle riding experience. It is suspension. Ohlins suspension specializes in increasing confidence and enjoyment of every rider at any skill level.

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TTRNO Ranked #7 Powersports...

November 13, 2018

  Powersports Business Magazine named The Transportation Revolution New Orleans (TTRNO) the number seven dealership in the United States for 2018...

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2018 Distinguished Gentlema...

August 15, 2018

2018 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Sunday September 30th New Orleans is officially taking part in the world's largest charitable motorcycle event for owners,...

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