TTRNO operates on something referred to as a legend model.  This is a list of things that we as a company believe to be the most important aspects of a great shop.  This model acts as a conscience for each team member to reference in every situation throughout the day.  This is TTRNO’s legend model:

The reason I bring this model up is to introduce a new position in the service department, our Quality Control Technician (QT).  Nick Udstad has been a technician at TTRNO now for half a year, he is great with a wrench, fast on the track and best of all has an amazing attention to detail.  With all of these qualities he is the best candidate to be the second and sometimes third set of eyes to comb over every bike that comes through service.  Nick test drives every bike, wipes down every bike and goes through a rigorous inspection of every bike.  His job is to make sure that every single thing that TTRNO does is of the highest quality and to make sure that every bike that comes through leaves better than when it rolled off the showroom floor. 

So when you come to pick up your bike from service don’t just thank the tech that poured his blood, sweat and tears into your two wheeled baby, but also thank Nick TTRNO’s QT for cleaning all that up.