It was an exciting day when Michael Arrington had his 12 foot long, nearly 2,000 lb toolbox delivered by flatbed truck to TTRNO’s downtown location.  It meant a few things; New Orleans’ premier European motorcycle shop was expanding, we’ve got a guy who’s SERIOUS about having the right tool for every job, and most importantly we now have a complete team of the biggest heavy hitters in the motorcycle performance world.  

Michael is no stranger to making 2 wheels fast.  With years of experience designing and building race engines for companies like S&S (this particular engine in the Confederate Hellcat and Wraith) Hoban Brothers and KWS Motorsports to name a few.   Engine blueprinting, cam degreeing, porting, polishing, exhaust design and dyno tuning are just a few things he excels at.   We couldn’t possibly forget about his ability to set up chassis geometry, tune suspension, electrical wiring, diagnosis, even custom work.  What makes Michael the best in the business is his immense attention to detail and the pride he takes in every job that rolls on his lift.  When Michael works on a bike it’s a big deal and to have such a talented force in the crescent city is a great advantage we have over other areas.

Next time you’re at TTRNO, come into the service department and shake the hand of the Gulf South’s greatest tech; or give him a hug, he’s a big ol’ teddy bear!