With some major developments the 2013 model takes the Daytona to a new high. A redesigned engine giving improved performance and an extended rev range, plus major chassis revisions including a new frame and repositioned silencer are among the elements that keep the Daytona ahead of the competition. Redesigned, sharper bodywork complete this impressive package.

The Daytona range features an R model which has a number of enhanced specification components including Öhlins TTX rear suspension and NIX30 inverted forks, providing the R with a wide range of adjustability. Additionally the R features lighter Brembo Monobloc calipers giving precise and powerful stopping. On the Daytona R switchable ABS is standard as is a quick-shift gear change.

Daytona 675: Features and Benefits

  • Headlights are no longer “projector” style lights. Previous lights had overall good lateral lighting distance, but failed to achieve a wider projection. New headlamps achieve both
  • Air intake is increased significantly. Increased opening allows for greater intake, which thus contributes to the increased performance of the new engine.
  • With a stronger one-piece cylinder block, wider pistons and lighter titanium inlet valves the new engine has increased power, torque and rev range up to 14,400 RPM. This provides the rider with higher performance and greater flexibility
  • All new lightweight twin spar frame on the new 2013 model gives the bike lighter weight and greater agility
  • With a repositioned silencer, the bike has improved handling and agility. The silencer is positioned lower and closer to the engine of the bike, improving the weight distribution significantly
  • The 2013 Daytona features a newly designed clutch. With a slip/assist design the clutch is now lighter to operate but also offers the rider more bike control, such as preventing the rear wheel from hopping under heavy braking

By Matt Nomey