By Matt Nomey, Motorbike Sales Specialist at TTRNO

What a wonderful experience I had the other weekend. The MSF course really helped me out as a returning rider, but it can easily make any non-rider so much better. For starters, this course is a great way to get the old muscle memory back from being out of riding for a few years. All it took was a couple of days of riding and doing course work to get back into the swing of things, and it really made me remember how much I love riding. In the end, the course brought me, personally, three meaningful things

First, The MSF course is very intensive. By that at mean it’s concentrated not exhausting. It covers every aspect of the riding experience from the basics (starting and mounting a bike) to the all wonderful act of counter steering. The instructors, more importantly Rodney our main teacher, really left no stone unturned with any aspect of riding. They really wanted us to get the full scope of what it takes to be aware of everything going on when on a bike.

Second, MSF is pragmatic. This course is not very fanciful when it comes to riding. You get very realistic examples, and all the training courses are very realistic to the style of driving you will be doing on the road. Your days are split for two days with the early morning being in a classroom and the afternoons on the riding course. Just the concept of turning into a curve for example is taken in a very approachable method. In the classroom, you see plenty of videos that act as a walk through for you. On the riding range, your instructor will show you a demo himself then you go through and complete the task. It’s simple as that. 


Finally, and most important, I had a blast. I got to meet some pretty awesome people, and really got to share my experiences as a previous rider as well as hear from them about their expectations for the road. To me, this was the best part about the course. I’m always taking in other people’s knowledge and experiences to make myself better at the things I do, and it works both ways too.  

In closing there are really a few things to take away from all this talk. If you’re a beginner rider, takes this course. That little thing-a-ma-jig figure-eight test they do at the DMV is a joke. California, Texas, and I believe also Florida use the MSF as their standard to get an endorsement. There’s a reason for that. It makes you a better rider. PERIOD.  Second, if you’re offering the excuse, “Oh man I’ve been riding for years I’m all good.” Well I know that after riding previously I definitely got into bad habits. This helps really get you back out of anything negatively habitual.


Current riders --- and I’m talking to everybody. Cruisers, Track guys. Tourers. Urban riders --- don’t need to take the Basic course. They have the Advanced Rider Course which is consistently available for experienced riders to take their own bike out and really hone their skills. It’s perfect and it makes you better at recognizing things that affect you while on the road. I hope everyone takes something away from my experience, and make sure to swing by or email me and tell me about your experience. I’m always open to hear a story.


Matt Nomey
Motorbike Sales Specialist
The Transportation Revolution