Last Sunday was a day most of had had been waiting for since September 2009, when NOLA Motorsports Park was announced.  It was NOLA's first public motorcycle track day.  The event ran like a top, and the rider and spectator turnout was incredible.  


The weekend began with control rider training on Saturday.  Lead Control Rider, Ron Rink, put together a great group of riders to assist with instruction and policing of the track day.  This training paid off when Sunday morning rolled around.  By 7am the crowd began to arrive and the control riders were there, and ready to get the motorcycles teched for the day.  The tech and setup ran like a well oiled machine, and we were on track on time.  


It was a chilly, clear morning, but the sun kept us from being too cold.  The track was setup in the 1.8 mile configuration, and with the widest sections measuring 50ft you could always find room to pass.  On the track, riders got faster as they found the best line while the crowd of spectators grew in the paddock.  It was truly amazing to see the amount of people who came out to watch the track day.  


From the registration, to the cafe in the paddock, to the fire & rescue crew, that looked like they could actually assist you if you if you were in trouble, the operations at NOLA Motorsports are truly first class.   The first NOLA track day was a tremendous success, and we look forward to continuing to build the track community in New Orleans.  Now if we could only get our trackside Motorbike Speed Shop finished!

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Photos by Scott Quinn, Max Materne & Vince Unser