One of the perks of being in the powersports industry is the access we have at MotoGP races.  My dad, Max and myself made our third trip to Indianapolis last weekend for the MotoGP race.  The three of us try to make a trip to at least one GP or WorldSBK race every year.


If there is a city in the country that can throw a great event based on motorsports, it is Indy.  Their walkable downtown turns into motorcycle heaven with Meridian Street as a motorcycle only plaza with every type of bike and biker.  From Desmosedicis to Electroglides to Vespas, you will find a little bit of everything.

Nicky's Biggest Fan

While being in the industry has its perks, one drawback is that we typically don't arrive until Saturday evening so we can make sure we are at the shop on our busiest day of the week.  After arriving late Saturday night we did our obligatory walk down Meridian Street and headed to met up with some customers and fellow dealers for a night cap before race day.

While most of the MotoGP racers in Europe are treated like Drew Brees in New Orleans, their American experiences are a little different.  When we woke up Sunday morning to head to the race we discovered we were staying in a Hotel with the Ducati & Yamaha teams.   There were Lorenzo and Crutchlow waiting for their rides outside of the hotel just like any other Joe.

Enjoying the Ducs on Ducati Island 

When you cram an entire weekend into one day at the Speedway, it can become a little rushed.  When we arrived we were able to catch a little of the MotoGP warm up, but completely missed the 125 and Moto2 races while we caught up with fellow customers and dealer at Ducati Island and the in the paddock.

Start of the race 

This year we watched the main event from my favorite spot on the racetrack, the start finish line.  While you might think it would be better to sit near a turn, there is nothing like watching and hearing riders go by at speeds over 200 mph.  I have never been to a live NASCAR race, but I can imagine it is  the same sensation.

The race day ended with the AMA Harley Davidson XR1200 series.  Despite the fact that these 1200cc bikes had 10 times the displacement of the 125cc GP bikes, and were running 25 seconds behind in lap times, it was great, close racing.  This race also proved that Harley has not done much in the performance department in the last 100 years compared to every other motorcycle manufacturer.

Turf & Turf 

We wrapped up the weekend with our annual steak dinner with colleagues at St. Elmo, where I once again failed to finish the 32oz prime rib, then ended the night at the Red Bull party.  It was another great Indy GP weekend.

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