Sunday is the first spring track day of 2011 and TTRNO wants to make sure you have the correct gear.  Here are Maria's picks to get you suited for the track.


Tarmac One-Piece Suit - $1149.99

The most important part of your track day attair is the one piece suit.   Start with the best selection of safety-stitched Grade A leather, Kevlar stretch, and Pro-Life armor. Add our MotoGP developed dual-comp shoulder and elbow hard parts, and a fitting shape that can only come from Engineered Skin. Throw in our new Hydra bag-ready speed hump, and a washable, removable liner. The result? Tarmac. Aggressive, protective, and built to fit like no suit you’ve ever owned before.

Excellerator Sports Undersuit - $129.99

The Base layer keeps the body dry and at a comfortable, constant temperature. This is vital, because, as you increase you activity level, you begin to perspire- and in order to avoid overheating in the summer, it is important to remove the perspiration from your body as quick as possible. Plus that way you don’t stick to your suit!

 Dainese Thorax Wave Pro - $299.99   

Saftey is the key word when track riding. Dainese has produced the the Thorax Wave pro as an all-in-on undersuit protection system for your chest, back, shoulders and kidneys. The protection features include: back protector certified to EN 1621.2/2003 Standard (Lev. 2), shoulder blade plate core with aluminium honeycomb frame, external perforated polypropylene pads for the protection of the shoulder blades, lateral rib protection plates in astronmemory and extruded polypropylene sandwich, front plate in polypropylene.  The liner is a plyester mesh fabric with memory foam.  The system fits perfectly under any one-piece suit comfortably.

Jerez Glove - $249.99 

The Jerez combines premium-quality materials like kangaroo leather and Superfabric with great protective features, including a completely new range of dual compound hard parts, developed to provide protection for areas of the hand that are most likely to be injured in a crash: primary among these are the hard-shell knuckle and palm slider. MotoGP feedback also inspired the re-location of Kevlar stitching to the outside of the glove, giving these gloves the ultimate sensitivity and comfort that every racer demands-with the durability and safety that professionals depend on. If the Jerez works in MotoGP, it’ll work hard for you.

TCX S-Race Boot -$349.99 

The Torsion Control System has been designed to provide the perfect balance between flexibility and protection. The structure fully carries out the main TCS function, which is to allow lateral and longitudinal movement of the ankle within its physiological limits, preventing excessive torsion and risk of joint injuries. The system has two main elements: a polyurethane body and heel, both of which are sewn to the upper and connected by two lateral and one rear flexion point. The Metatarsal Control System has a polyurethane structure with a flexion point positioned in the metatarsal area to allow it to adhere more closely to the anatomy of the foot, to give it necessary freedom of movement while riding and to guarantee maximum protection in the event of a fall. The slider is made of a special aluminum 493 alloy that is highly resistant to wear and easy to replace.

Arai Corsair V Helmet - $749.95 

Larger upper vent tabs make operating these vents, even with thick winter gloves, much easier than before. The newly designed Hyper-Ridge enhances shell strength and enlarges bottom opening for easier putting on & taking off, without increasing helmet size or weight. New 1-piece design bottom edge trim improves the already sleek look of the Corsair-V, but also helps reduce weight.
Wider eye port, with an additional 5mm on either side, greatly increases the peripheral field of view and provides exceptional situational awareness. Arai’s “I” shield is the latest generation of Super AdSis shield system, designed for the 10mm wider eye port on the Corsair-V.  In concert with the new “I” shield, a new “I” base plate design was created to further improve the shield system by increasing system flexibility that not only makes shield removal & installation easier but also increases system durability by eliminating stress points on key components.  Latest Generation Dry Cool® liner has perforated material for enhanced cooling.  Removable/replaceable neck roll, with additional vents.  Exclusive Emergency Release Tab feature allows trained emergency personal to remove cheek pads quickly & easily enabling them to remove the helmet from an unresponsive rider, if needed, with minimal effort.

All of these products are available in the store and our E-store.  Come by today and we can get your sized and ready for the track!