TTRNO's Zach Materne will head to Los Angeles this evening for the Ducati Diavel Academy.  He will ride the bike on Monday.  Stay tuned for updates!

TTRNO will premier the Ducati Diavel on Friday, March 25th.....Details to follow


UPDATE 2/27/11 - 5:00pm PST - I arrived in Los Angeles last night and enjoyed the beach today.  Our first event starts in one hour.  Attached are some pictures of the Diavels in the garage.'

UPDATE 2/28/11 - 7:45pm PST - Today has been a very long day, but very rewarding.  The Ducati Diavel is one of the most unique motorcycles I have ever ridden.  It is comfortable, stable, fast, full of safety extras, and it turns heads everywhere you go.  We ran a 65 mile loop today from the W in Westwood to the PCH up into the canyons, and back down Sunset Blvd.

See the Ducati Diavel in person on March 25 for our Ducati Diavel Night.

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