During Amerivespa 2014 in New Orleans, TTRNO and some members of ScooterWest in San Diego customized a Silver 2007 250cc Vespa GTS, pulled out all the stops to soup it up and “twin” it to the 2014 Ducati 1199 Superleggera special edition racing bike that was getting a lot of press and awe in the motorcycle world. Ducati is known for it’s neon red racing color, but they had it specially designed, it’s wheels and body frame are magnesium, hence the Super Lil’s magnesium colored wheels. Ducati is also known for it use of carbon fiber fenders, etc.

The result of the “twin” custom was this excellent Vespa. I loved it when I saw it during Amerivespa and I didn’t even know the story behind it! It’s the only neon colored bike I’d ever consider riding, and that’s only because of the paint job and carbon fiber touches. The black LED turn signal kit is wicked cool and I hadn’t even heard the pipe they put on it… Until the other day when a good friend of mine was looking at the bike. Of course we started and had to rev it a bit. Not just for him but kinda’ really because there are several of us who love that little bike. (any excuse to rev it!) I did take a little video so you can take a little listen for yourself (video and pictures below).

All of this back story because I was scoping out the bikes in the garage the other day and noticed the heated hand grips so I wished I could test ride it to work and back on a couple of these freezing temperature days we’ve been having and posted a couple pictures.

I’d like to own this bike but I don’t want (and have no need for) two scooters. But ohhhh, it would suit me, I mean… it being so unique.

Come see it if you want, we love revving the engine, and I figure it needs a good rev every now and again.

By Andrea Calloway