A range of new models from Vespa, Ducati and Triumph were introduced this year at the EICMA motorcycle show. Here is a recap of the new models which will be making their way to TTRNO.

Vespa Primavera

Light, fresh , brilliant performance, simplicity and joy in driving, Vespa Primavera , comes 45 years ago, as a breath of fresh air in a world that is hungry for change. Small , handy, agile, Vespa Primavera become one of the longest running and most beloved model in the history of Vespa, a true ” status symbol “, enjoyed equally by boys and girls.

This Heritage is still alive in the new Vespa Primavera. Radically new design , new steel body , new dimensions , more agile but more stable and comfortable , Vespa Primavera reborn – driven by modern and ecological engine 50 2T, 4T 50 , 125 and 150 3V 3V – taking some of his stylistic solutions from Vespa 946, the most precious and most technologically advanced model ever devised.
Source: http://www.eicma.it

There is no date for US arrival, but the Primavera will be the replacement to the LX body.


Ducati Monster 1200 & 1200S

In 1992 it was presented to the world the first Ducati Monster, capable of giving rise to a new and futuristic motion segment for those years, naked bikes .
Today , more than twenty years later , Ducati continues the evolution of this family and introduces the latest generation of this successful model that has been able to change and reinvent itself over the years to become the first reference for customization and personalization , for influencing more than two decades the entire motorcycling world.

In 2014, Ducati introduces the new Monster 1200 and 1200 S , with the extraordinary 1198 Testastretta 11 engine.
The new Monster 1200 – evoking some of the most legendary models of the past such as the powerful Monster S4R and S4RS – is proposed for the new season in the 1200 version from 135HP to 145HP and exclusive model S with a torque of 12.7kgm that enhances the driving pleasure thanks to powerful acceleration and a top-notch chassis and a dry weight of just 182kg.
Source: http://www.eicma.it

The new 1200 Monster is scheduled to arrive in April with the standards priced at $13,495, and the S at 15,995. 

Ducati 1199 Superleggera

It is called 1199 Superleggera and in Borgo Panigale the say that have never seen anything like this until now. A level of technology and engineering never proposed in the production of bikes; an incredible project.

The name Superleggera (superlight) immediately conveys the new goal : this unreleased gem uses titanium, magnesium and carbon fiber to guarantee the best power/weight in the entire history of motorcycle manufacturing. With a power of over 200hp and a record weight of just 155kg, the 1199 Superleggera is the highest expression of the ” Authentic Italian Performance” .

The 1199 Superleggera has been previewed in a dedicated website and accessible by invitation only. The success was beyond expectations and , to date, already 75% of the 500 units that will be produced.
Source: http://www.eicma.it

The Superleggera is scheduled for spring/summer 2014 delivery. 

Triumph Tiger 800XC SE

This special edition of Triumph’s Tiger 800XC takes the tough and capable characteristics of the standard 800XC model and adds a distinctive, fresh look.

The commanding view the Tiger 800XC offers of the road ahead is now framed by black finished handlebars and matt-finished Diablo Red cockpit infills.

At first glance the new Volcanic Black paint looks like a simple black finish, but when the lines catch the light you’ll see a burst of red metallic highlights. Adding to the unique look is a fiery red main frame plus black exhaust heat shields and black pillion grab rails.

The look may be strikingly different but the outstanding performance is still the same, with XC special edition powered by Triumph’s characterful long stroke, 799cc triple engine. With its flat torque curve and refined power delivery, the Tiger 800XC is a pleasure to ride in even the most demanding of conditions. A sophisticated anti-lock braking system is provided as standard and can be deactivated for off-road riding, while the high-specification extends to a standard coded-key immobiliser and rear rack with generous – now black – pillion grab handles.

The tough steel chassis is equipped with long travel 45mm upside down front forks and rear suspension unit, plus a 21” spoked front wheel, to deliver maximum ground clearance and the ability to cope with rough trails. With a high-level front mudguard and sturdy hand guards, there can be no doubt that the 800XC has been developed to cope with demanding conditions.

The same qualities that make the Tiger 800XC so competent off-road also lead to an excellent road bike. The rider can adjust both the handlebar position and seat height, while cavernous hard and soft luggage options cater for those who want to take the ‘kitchen sink’ on their two-wheeled adventures. An extensive range of accessories allows the rider to tailor their bike exactly to meet their needs.
Source: http://www.eicma.it

The Triumph Tiger XC will arrive in the USA in Q1 of 2014

Triumph Thunderbird LT

Triumph’s new 2014 Thunderbird LT (Light Touring) is designed to make each and every journey the trip of a lifetime, transporting you with effortless power and style to new adventures with the easy-going, laid-back vibe of a premium classic touring cruiser.

Items that come as standard on the LT include a pair of removable leather saddle bags, auxiliary spot lamps and the World’s first real white-walled radial motorcycle tyres riding on wide, wire-spoked rims. The ergonomics feature a completely redesigned, reshaped seat, with deeper foam padding and lumbar support for maximum comfort, while maintaining a low seat height to accommodate all sizes of rider.

These features are in addition to the LT’s distinctive, charismatic parallel twin engine and class-leading chassis package that serves to underline Triumph’s commitment to handling excellence and manageability.

Riders of all experience and riding styles will feel instantly at ease with the LT, able to relax and enjoy the ride for many thousands of miles to come.

The motive force at the heart of the new LT is the World’s largest parallel twin motorcycle engine, as found in the existing Thunderbird Storm and based on the original Thunderbird.

At 1699cc, the LT’s eight-valve DOHC motor produces 94PS at 5400rpm and a whopping 151Nm of torque at a lowly 3550rpm. The enormous thrust from its pair of saucer-sized forged pistons and uneven, long-stroke 270° firing interval create a classic big-twin feel, perfect for propelling the LT over long distances with a natural, easy-going groove.

The Thunderbird LT remains true to Triumph’s core value of outstanding handling in all situations. As the result of careful development work on its steering geometry, the LT confounds expectations and delivers light, neutral steering, low speed agility, yet maintains stability at all speeds and in all types of conditions. Combined with a great degree of manageability, it’s an easy bike to ride for any rider.

The LT’s steel tube spine frame, steel swingarm and optimised rake, trail and wheelbase figures maintain consistent, predictable steering characteristics alongside the dramatic look of fat-section 150/80 16-inch front and 180/70 16-inch rear tyres on wire 56-spoked rims. Shrouded 47mm Showa forks and twin 5-way preload adjustable Showa rear shocks provide excellent feedback with supple control to ensure a quality ride over the harshest surfaces, while ABS-enabled four-pot Nissin calipers on 310mm floating discs up front and a single Brembo caliper and 310mm disc at the rear give sensitive, yet powerful, braking under all conditions.

Built to impress over long distances, special attention has been paid to the LT’s riding position and wind management to allow the rider to arrive feeling fresh and relaxed at their destination.
Source: http://www.eicma.it

The new Triumph Thunderbirds are scheduled to arrive in Q2 of 2014.


Triumph Thunderbird Commander

Triumph’s new 2014 Thunderbird Commander gives the rider the power and the presence to dominate every road and every ride.

Much more than a mere fashion statement, the Commander comfortably exceeds the highest expectations of the custom cruiser class thanks to its strong and willing engine, refined chassis, powerful looks and broad riding position.

But the Commander takes the concept further than ever and refuses to be compromised on values not normally associated with the segment: all-day comfort, all-round accessibility, significant practicality and confident, predictable handling.

This approach is typified by the decision to reshape and double the foam thickness of the Commander’s seat to bring a new level of riding comfort to custom cruisers, yet maintain a low seat height and thereby make the Commander available to as many riders as possible. Achieving this necessitated a new design for the Commander’s frame. Coupled with revised steering geometry to accommodate new, ultra-wide tyres, it showcases Triumph’s commitment to handling excellence and manageability. As a consequence a broad range of riders of any experience and riding style will feel instantly at home on the Commander, fully able to enjoy its commanding presence on the road.

Powered by a pair of saucer-sized forged pistons, the 1699cc eight-valve, DOHC engine’s uneven 270° firing interval and long-stroke design produces a potent 94PS (93bhp) at 5400rpm and a huge 151Nm (111 lb.ft) of torque at a lowly 3550rpm, endowing the Commander with a surfeit of pulsating twin-cylinder character.

It’s equally important the aesthetic of the Thunderbird Commander’s engine matches its outstanding performance and sound. A pair of wide header pipes flare out from the cylinders before folding back into twin, straight-cut drainpipe silencers in a distinctive evocation of Triumph’s venerated parallel twin heritage. And with machined engine fins, and chrome engine covers juxtaposed against deep black barrels and crankcases, the Thunderbird Commander’s striking motor makes a fitting visual, as well as motive, centrepiece.

The Thunderbird Commander’s bold engine styling continues across the bike and reflects the high quality and detailing expected of a Triumph fat custom cruiser. With a massive polished top yoke and polished stainless steel fork shrouds, signature Triumph twin headlamps, bespoke Commander badges and Art Deco LED tail light and rear indicator assembly all combining to form an incredibly low, sleek fat cruiser look, the Commander will steal the limelight whenever and wherever it hits the street.

The Thunderbird Commander’s ergonomics are meticulously evolved to exploit every facet of the bike’s engine and chassis performance. Rider and pillion seat foam is a double-layer, dual-density material, soft and receptive on first feel but compressing to give a firmer, supportive yet pliant ride. The rider’s seat has also been especially shaped with wide, flared sides and a lumbar support to provide maximum comfort even at the end of a long day’s ride. The cover material contains a degree of elasticity so that it ‘gives’ as the seat compresses, maintaining the ideal shape and reducing uncomfortable pressure points.

The Thunderbird Commander also enjoys high quality foot-boards made from chromed high-pressure die-cast aluminium, featuring replaceable skid plates and an adjustable heel/toe gear lever. The handlebars sweep back to give a wide yet natural-feeling hand position, while the electrical wiring has been routed through the bars to give the rider’s eye-view a clean, unfussy look.

Further practical touches include a coded key immobiliser, self-cancelling indicators, a massive 22 litres fuel tank with off-centre filler cap and a well-appointed, tank-mounted dash console including classic analogue-style speedometer, a fuel gauge and an LCD with range-to-empty, twin trips, odometer and clock functions, conveniently scrollable via a handlebar-mounted button.

Two striking two-tone paint options complete the picture.
Source: http://www.eicma.it

The new Triumph Thunderbirds are scheduled to arrive in Q2 of 2014.